The Blink mini-series that (years later) followed this story & then the ensuing Exiles series were my favorite books on the shelf for a while published by Marvel. With Blink & the AoA Sabertooth and the AoA design (but a back story of him being the former-leader of the Avengers) for Morph & all the rest of the new… » 5/04/15 10:42am Monday 10:42am

I believe you're right. That box thing he was carrying was obviously a prop of some sort but was never explained. I'm pretty sure that had something to do with Thor's side-quest & Stellan had a need for it. But the reasoning behind it is on the cutting room floor & will end up making it into the director's cut.
» 5/04/15 6:40am Yesterday 6:40am

Best of luck rebuilding collapsing cities without people with deeper wallets buying up & investing. And those people don't invest unless they get something out of it themselves. I've got no problem with this. Don't complain because the city needing to pay its bills has to pawn its stuff because it wildly over-spent… » 4/29/15 2:23pm 4/29/15 2:23pm

Outside of seeing if the next movie does anything interesting visually the way Avatar offered, I don't think I'll give a damn about seeing the rest of James Cameron's "I Kill Smurfs" series. The first one was a very mediocre movie that was visually interesting. I don't need James Cameron to make 1 or 2 or 4 more… » 4/29/15 6:26am 4/29/15 6:26am

Jessica Jones comes out this year still. And either Luke Cage or DD S2 out in March/April next year followed shortly by the other probably around June/July. And Iron Fist hitting in September/October. And then Defenders in March/April of the 2017
» 4/27/15 6:21am 4/27/15 6:21am

All of these are explained easily: They all happened over about a 30 minutes time-span. Even flying at full-speed, it's going to take Tony an hour or 3 to get from Malibu to London. And for Cap 2, he's going to take 30-minutes to an hour to get from Malibu to DC. Assuming he sees the news right as it's happening. And… » 4/24/15 7:03am 4/24/15 7:03am

Or does Iron Fist happen at all now? Netflix & Marvel had a deal for 4x 1-season series & 1 6-episode mini-series. How does this change that? Also, how does it change their plan for the story they were going to tell leading up to the Defenders?
» 4/22/15 4:12am 4/22/15 4:12am

I do 99.5% of all of my own maintenance and repairs. Unless it's something major or I just don't own the tools (and they'd be specialty tools that I'd use once every decade), I won't take my car anywhere near the stealership. And finding an independent shop that'll work on a modern german car with any degree of… » 4/21/15 1:16pm 4/21/15 1:16pm

Wait, hold on... "being coy about it for decades"? In what way? Please, enlighten me, because I've been reading X-Men for 30 years & never saw it. I mean, I don't care either way, but considering that we've read about a number of his relationships, especially in X-Factor with Opal. I never saw any "coy". Are we just… » 4/21/15 9:35am 4/21/15 9:35am

The only real downside to this is finding some other characters to fill the holes that they leave on AoS. They've been a big part IMO of why Season 2 was such a drastic improvement over Season 1. That expanded ensemble cast really helped the series find its footing.
» 4/21/15 4:04am 4/21/15 4:04am

I love my VW. I don't even really consider other cars outside of VW. I have my issues with them as well. Their tendency to have weird quirky issues, the way some components & parts are "german engineered to just be in the way & preventing you from working on something without taking 1/3 of the car apart", the way that… » 4/20/15 9:58am 4/20/15 9:58am