I'm curious how many more times we have to see obvious protocol fuck-ups (or shitty protocol) before you think it's OK to start going "what the fuck are you people doing? maybe I should just stay home until you all get your heads out of your asses?" » 10/24/14 7:23am Yesterday 7:23am

I kinda like the insanity that's going on with Marvel at the moment. I'm thoroughly stumped as to what the fuck their plans are. And as a guy that's been reading comics for almost 30 years, that's a rare feat for a comic company. I can normally see their long-game of most of these stories or teasers from a mile away.… » 10/23/14 7:24am Yesterday 7:24am

Harlan Coben - Found (it's his YA series but connects with his other stuff since all of his works are done in the same shared universe, though tangentially, with often having cross-over supporting characters or mentions of events from other books. And even his YA stuff is pretty good & a good quick read until his next… » 10/21/14 7:19am Tuesday 7:19am

Theoretically, yeah. But extremely unlikely. Your local store might not order any of Random Title Y, but somebody did at some retailer. So the one down the street might have 27 copies of it sitting on the shelf. The likelihood of nobody ordering any copies and Marvel/DC not even shipping it to the publishers to be… » 10/21/14 6:58am Tuesday 6:58am

Civil War doesn't, can't, and won't happen in the MCU for the simple fact that nobody has secret identities. As of right now, the whole world, much less the government, already knows who all the superhumans are. And even Netflix shows aren't going to change that. At the end of that, you might have 2 superhumans with a… » 10/09/14 7:03am 10/09/14 7:03am